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We now know a lot about what cues people use to identify discourse relations, but can we teach computers to notice the same signals? You can read more about their work here.

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Recent advances in Computational Linguistics have made it increasingly possible for computers to recognize the presence of the same discourse relations automatically using Recurrent Neural Networks e. Braud et al. However, RNNs can be good at classifying language, while giving us little insight into how or why certain utternaces are classified. In this experiment, we decided to train an RNN specifically a biLSTM-CRF to recognize relations from the RST Discourse Treebank, but instead of outputting the correct relation, we designed it to output a probability distribution over all relations at each word, while reading the text backwards and forwards.

This means that every word is evaluated in context, based on adjacent words: a word like 'but' can be important in one case, or not important in another. The basic architecture is sketched out below for more details see Zeldes , Chapter 6. Alistair Knott. A data-driven methodology for motivating a set of coherence relations. PhD thesis, The University of Edinburgh, Daniel Marcu.

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Building Up Rhetorical Structure Trees. Discourse relations versus discourse marker relations. Anchoring a lexicalized tree-adjoining grammar for discourse. Stede, L. Wanner, and E.

Challenging Dominant Discourses: Conversations across Political Theory and Political Science"

The representation and processing of coreference in discourse. Cognitive Science , 22 4 , Simon Corston-Oliver. Beyond string matching and cue phrases: Improving efficiency and coverage in discourse analysis. Discourse structure and co-reference: An empirical study.

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Association for Computational Linguistics. Computational Linguistics , , MIT Press, Beyond elaboration: The interaction of relations and focus in coherent text.

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Text representation: linguistic and psycholinguistic aspects , pages , Levels of representation in discourse relations. Cognitive Linguistics , 12 3 , Laurence Danlos.

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Event coreference in causal discourses. In The Language of Word Meaning. Cambridge University Press, Frank Schilder. Robust discourse parsing via discourse markers, topicality and position. Natural Language Engineering , 8 3 , Daniel Marcu and Abdessamad Echihabi. Barbara Di Eugenio. Discourse processing.

Nature Publishing Group, Anaphora and discourse structure. Computational Linguistics , 29 4 , In Jan Kuppevelt and RonnieW. Springer Netherlands, Radu Soricut and Daniel Marcu. Laurence Danlos and Bertrand Gaiffe. Event coreference and discourse relations. In Truth, Rationality, Cognition, and Music , pages Springer, Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract Using a combination of critical theory, poststructuralism, and critical pedagogy, this chapter calls for a shift in the ways we conceive, imagine, and represent international instructors in US classrooms.

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