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Livingstone Thompson. In this book three main things have been accomplished. First, it locates the emergence of religious pluralism as a problem for Christian theology.

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The precious good of theological freedom and creativity must also include the willingness to accept the truth of Christian revelation, transmitted and interpreted by the Church under the authority of the Magisterium, and accepted with faith. Moreover, precisely in the field of interreligious dialogue, far from being a mere observer or a hindrance, the Magisterium of the Church has always exercised an undeniable and pioneering leading role. This is proven by the conciliar documents and the many papal initiatives such as, for example, those of the official organizations for dialogue.

Openness and Resistance

Ten years later, with the rapid expansion of interreligious questions, the Declaration Dominus Iesus August published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was a further illuminating reaffirmation of some essential points of reference for the practice and theory of interreligious dialogue. Magisterial interventions such as these accompany and do not contradict legitimate theological research since, by rejecting objections and distortions of the faith, they authoritatively propose new studies and further applications of revealed doctrine. In this work, which attempts to offer a theological response to the question of the meaning and value of the plurality of religious traditions in God's plan of salvation, the author explicitly professes his intention to remain faithful to the Church's doctrine and the teaching of the Magisterium.

The author himself, however, aware of the potential problems in his approach, does not conceal the fact that as many questions may be raised as he seeks to answer. After a patient and serious dialogue during which the author provided certain clarifications, at the conclusion of the examination of the book, the author expressed his assent to the theses contained in the above-mentioned Notification, which was approved by the Holy Father.

His recognition and assent are certainly a positive and encouraging sign. However, as the Preface explains, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith found it necessary to publish the Notification, with the principal aim of offering readers solid criteria for doctrinal judgment. Indeed, a careful reading of the book reveals certain ambiguities and difficulties on doctrinal points of great importance, which could lead the reader to erroneous or harmful opinions.


Religious Diversity (Pluralism)

First of all, faith in Jesus Christ, the sole and universal mediator of salvation for all humanity is reaffirmed. Peter Donovan - - Religious Studies 29 2 - Ruben C. Mendoza - - Journal of Dharma 35 1 The Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity. Philip L.

A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism - Livingstone Thompson - Google книги

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07 Religious Pluralism & Theology

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